Grand Lodge - Introduction

Welcome to the web site of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Grand Lodge has had its own web site since 1998 which was initially designed and maintained by the late Brother Willie Davidson and it grew considerably under his guidance. However, the addition of large amounts of new material made it difficult to navigate.

The new site was designed to be easier to move around whilst including the huge amount of material that was to be found on the old site. The site that you are viewing now is the third incarnation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland's web site and which came online in early January 2011. Some problems occurred during the course of changing to this new-look site and some material failed to be transferred. Please be patient as it will take some time to move all the material. The old sites are no longer available online.

As well as including (eventually) all the material from the old sites, the new site will continue to provide some new features designed to be of assistance to Lodge Secretaries and others involved in the administration of the Scottish Craft. The Member Services page will allow, after registration, Secretaries and others to download Quarterly Returns forms and other related documents. In addition other material of more specialist interest will be posted there for download. To go there click here or on the previous link.

In addition at the top right after 'Grand Lodge - Introduction' there are two symbols. Whilst familiar to some, those of us not so familiar with the internet, computers etc. may like some explanation. Clicking on the first symbol will convert the text on the page into a PDF document which allows it to be saved as a file and/or printed easily without all the surrounding images, borders etc. This will appear in a new window and other options available are displayed there. Clicking on the second symbol will print the entire page with all the illustrations etc. The previous web site had a third symbol that allowed the page to be brought to the attention of others by e-mailing a page link. This facility has been withdrawn from this new site as it was being used to generate spam. This is a matter of regret but some people out there in cyberspace abuse such useful tools to the detriment of all. This is not the same as the Masonophobic web sites discussed elsewhere on this site. To read a discussion on that subject click here or on the previous link.

As has been said this site is designed to be easily navigable using the top navigation bar. However it is possible occasionally to become lost but by clicking on the Grand Lodge 'coat of arms' (at the very top left of each page) and you will always be returned to the first page.

Some links may be broken and these will be repaired as soon as possible. Again please bear with us in this respect. Any corrections, additions and technical matters relating to this web site should, in the first instance, be directed to the web master by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ..