Committees - the decision making processes of the Grand Lodge of Scotland are very democratic. Every Daughter Lodge has the right to send three representatives to meetings of Grand Lodge (known as Communications) which take place in February, June and October. In the interim, day to day administration is in the care of Grand Secretary (Brother David M. Begg, C.A.) with the assistance of a number of Committees - see below.

The deliberations of these Committees are debated by Grand Committee (a body comprised of elected members from which members of other Committees are drawn - see above) and are then referred to a Communication of Grand Lodge for approval. A 'Communication' is a meeting of Grand Lodge where all who are entitled to do so may vote on any matter laid before it in accordance with the Constitution and Laws. This is 'Grand Lodge assembled' and is the ultimate authority on all matters pertaining to the Scottish Craft.

Below are further details of each of the Committees and their members


David Wishart, Chairman;  Hugh Clelland; Thomas Davidson;  Ronald W. A. Forbes; Robert Little; John Muirhead; Alexander B. M. McLachlan; George M. Preston and James C. Peddie.


James Bell, Grand Treasurer, ex officio, Chairman: Thomas C. Smith, Douglas W. Duncan; Alexander Galbraith; William H. Gauld; Kenneth D. Kennedy; Michael Kinnaird; Ewan Rutherford and Robert R. Law.

Disciplinary Review

John F. Herrick, Chairman; T. Wilson Aitken; John S. Brockie; John Dadds; William G. Grant; Kenneth R. Johnson; Andrew A. McKinnon; W. Scott Sneddon and Maurice E. Wilson.

Benevolence and Care

J. M Marcus Humphrey of Dinnet, Chairman; Dr. Douglas R. H. Nicol; George M. Preston, Rev. Iain R. Ramsden; David A. Reid; Rev. Robert Craig, Alistair Henderson; Grand Secretary; Grand Almoner; Chairman of the Administration Committee; ex officio.

Information and Communications

Thomas F. Jessop, Chairman; David C. Bloomfield; Alistair McIntosh; John S. Miller; Andrew Mushet; Samuel Peden; Robert W. Scott; Walter Sneddon and James P. Livingstone.

Overseas, External Affairs and Special Purposes

W. Ramsay McGhee, Chairman; Charles I. R. Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont; Sir Archibald D. Orr Ewing; The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine; James L. Jack; Rev. John H. Jenkinson; Hugh Bryson; Alistair Marshall; John McCormack and Grand Secretary, ex officio.