District Grand Master


      Brother Kersi J. Limathwalla

District Grand Secretary


Brother Noshir G. Paghdiwalla


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Lodge Number Name Where When
338 Perseverance Mumbai  
342 Rising Star of Western India Mumbai  
343 St Andrew’s-in-the-East Pune  
389 St Paul Mhow  
474 Endeavour Calcutta  
475 Barton Lonavla  
490  Caledonia Mumbai   
506 Rising Sun  Mumbai     
563  Salem  Ahmedabad   
634 Hope and Sincerity Ahmedabad    
661  Caledonia Meerut  
742  Royal Jubilee  Solapur    
783 Charity Bandikui   
800   Zoroaster       Mumbai   
909 Cataract Belgaum  
928  Heather   Munnar  
1041  Imperial Brotherhood Mumbai  
1066  Forman  Mumbai  
1069   Beaman  Mumbai    
1208   Universal Peace Secunderabad  
1298 Bharat  Mumbai  
1342   Madras  Chennai  
1363 Sohrab Bharoocha Mumbai  
1366 K. R. Cama   Mumbai  
1406  Blackwell  Mumbai  
1410   Star of Calcutta Calcutta  
1412 Al-Ameen  Mumbai  
1498 Light of Iran Udvada  
1516  Dr Sir Temulji Nariman Mumbai  





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