District Grand Master


 Brother Leslie S. F. Nicol

District Grand Secretary


 Brother Victor J. Hastings-Spaine


Lodge No. Name Where When
997 Sierra Leone Highland  Freetown    
1138 Academic  Freetown    
1446  Tranquillity  Freetown       
1448  Harmony  Freetown     
1455 Travellers  Freetown   
1612 Mount Aureol Freetown  
1620 Sapiens Freetown   
1624  Delco  Freetown     
1644 Leona   Freetown  
1650  The Earl of Eglinton and Winton  Freetown     
1687 Blue Diamond Freetown  
1711   St Mary’s Banjul, Gambia  
1743  Sierra Freetown  
1752 Regentonia Freetown  
1786 Veritatis   Freetown  
1797  Albert Academy   Freetown  
1799 Cotton Tree     Freetown  
1807   Excelsior   Freetown  
1810 Obba  Freetown  





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