Information regarding the Freemasons who were POWs during WWII

For the first time the European Parliament has recognised the fact that Freemasons were persecuted during Holocaust

Most people are unaware that other minority groups were victims of the Holocaust

The focus here is the persecution of gays but also mentions Freemasonry

Freemasonry is an enemy of the state

An article which mentions Freemasonry as a target of the Vichy govt.

Freemasons imprisoned by Franco set to have sentences rescinded

Does a brief mention that Freemasons were also victims mean attitudes are changing?

Sent to Prison for being a Freemason

Hitler's Memorial Address of 1941

Background - Nazism and Freemasonry.

Background - Nazism and Freemasonry (part 2).

An American newspaper report from 1941.

A prophetic article from 1925.

The Masonic references in the trials published in 1959

The Masonic references in the trials published in 1959

Is the memorial day is too narrowly focused?

Stolen by the Gestapo then the KGB.

The law passed in 1940 banning Freemasonry.

Ludendorff's anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic writing may have influenced Hitler

Edinburgh - the home of the Grand Lodge of Scotland - hosts Holocaust Memorial Day.

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