Below are a select number of sites to do with the Holocaust. Please not that the Grand Lodge of Scotland provides these links as a courtesy only an has no control over the contents of such. Please be aware that some site may contain explicit and distressing images.

 Nizkor Project

The Nizkor Project .

A large searchable site on all aspects of the Holocaust. There are limited references to Freemasonry.

 Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day

The United Kingdom government's web site dedicated to Holocaust Memorial Day. There are no references to Freemasonry.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

 A large searchable web site with a great deal of information regarding the Holocaust. It holds a significant amount of material relating the persecution of Freemasons during World War II.

 Cybrary of the Holocaust

A cybrary of the Holocaust

A large site concentrating on education and research. There is a considerable amount of eyewitness testimony. It is not searchable.

 The Holocaust History Project

The Holocaust History Project

A document based site which is searchable and which produced several references to Freemasonry.


Holocaust Timeline

A chronological account of the Holocaust from 1933 to 1945 and beyond.

The Avalon Project

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

A major source of documents over four centuries. Includes transcipts of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials with lots of references to Freemasonry. Also contains all the Human Rights legislation since 1856. Searchable but a wee bitty idiosyncratic.


The free on-line encyclopaedia Wikipedia has an excellent article about Holocaust Memorial Day with lots of links.


These are the main sites we have examined regarding the Holocaust. If know of any other Holocaust related sites, especially any which refer to Freemasonry please e-mail the webmaster with details. Thank you.