There is some confusion of what consitutes a Research Lodge and what is a Lecture Lodge. Both are Lodges consecrated by their respective Grand Lodges. Both focus more on research, debate and analysis rather than ceremonial (although that obviously is still a part of Lodge activity.)

Research Lodges tend to be identifiable by the fact that members of the Lodge conduct research which they then often deliver as a lecture in the Lodge. Some Lodges such as these may publish the results of the research in the form of annual transactions. These may include research papers not produced by Lodge members but are of sufficiently high quality to merit being included in the annual transactions and/or being delivered in the Lodge. To date such Scottish Masonic Research Lodges (of whatever 'type') have been identified as:


Scottish Lodges of Research


The Lodge, Hope Kurrachee, No.337, Admiralty Road Masonic Trust, 183 - 185 Admiralty Road, Rosyth, Fife, KY11 2BW. Meets: 3rd Friday, February, April, September and November at 7.30 pm.


Lodge Felix, No. 355, 156 North Deeside Road, Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, AB14 0UD. Meets: 3rd Saturday, April, June and November at 3.30 pm.


Lodge Pioneer, No. 1305, Market Square, Linlithgow, West Lothian. Meets: 3rd Friday, February, March (Installation) April, September and November at 7.00 pm.


Lodge Sir Robert Moray, No. 1641. 19 Hill Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3JP. Meets: 1st Thursday in February, 2nd Thursday in June (Installation) and last Thursday in October at 4.00 pm following the Communications of Grand Lodge.


Lodge Aurora Borealis, No. 1809. Masonic Hall, The Square, Portsoy, Banffshire. 4th Friday, January, March, May, July, September and November at 8.00 pm.


The Anchor Lodge of Research, No. 1814. Masonic Hall, West Stewart Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, PA15 1SN. 1st Friday, April, May, September and October at 7.30 pm.


Lodge Earraghaidheal, No. 1822. Connel Village Hall, Main Street, Connel, Argyll. Meets: 1st Tuesday, in February, April, June and September. 3rd Saturday, in October (Installation) at 2.30 pm.


English Lodges of Research


There are a number of Lodges of Research or Research Lodges in England and some of these are listed below:


Quatuor Coronati Lodge, No.2076 (London, England). The Lodge publishes a substantial annual volume: Ars Quatour  Coronatorum (AQC).


Manchester Lodge of Masonic Research, No.5502


Leicester Lodge of Research, No.2429


United States of America


In the United States of America there are a considerable number of Lodge of Research (not to be confused with Traditional Observance Lodges). Those of which we are aware we shall provide details of below.


The Texas Lodge of Research. The Lodge issues annual Transactions covering a range of Masonic subjects but unsurprisingly is very focused on Freemasonry in Texas.

Walter F. Meier Lodge of Research, No. 281 Seattle, Washington. The Lodge's research covers a wide range of topics provided in the form of lectures. It publishes a newsletter six times per year for members.


Australia and New Zealand


Australia and New Zealand are, we believe, unique in having an umbrella organisation for Lodges of Research. This is the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council which is usually referred to ANZMRC. The ANZMRC's web site has a complete list of Lodges of Research located in Australia and New Zealand and it it is therefore unnecessary to repeat them here.



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