The Grand Lodge of Scotland diary for next year will be available within the next few weeks. Freemasonry, Scottish Freemasonry, Freemasonry in Scotland, Scottish Lodges, Masonic Lodges

This is the only diary to contain completely accurate and up to date information about the Scottish Craft and it is therefore suggested that Brethren might wish to avail themselves of this attractive and useful item.

A separate, luxury, leather wallet specially designed to take the diary is also available. The wallet has sufficient pockets for credit cards, money etc. This can be ordered on the same order form.

The diary is proving to be increasingly popular so don't miss out as the print run is limited. Diaries are sold on a first come, first served basis.

An ideal Christmas gift for the Freemason in your life!

To download a copy of the leaflet/order form click here or on previous links.

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