Generally speaking the Grand Lodge of Scotland web site is for you to explore for yourself. However, as more and more information is added it is difficult for visitors to identify what is new. The first place for a visitors to this web site is, we suggest, these 'news' pages where you ought to find the latest events relating to Freemasonry in Scotland from a Grand Lodge perspective.

However, the news pages will not necessarily inform you of what else has been added and which is not 'news' (in the sense of newpaper headlines.)

For example two Lodge histories have been added to the site. The details are as follows.

Lodge Edinburgh St. Andrew, No.48 an Oration delivered on the occasion of their 200th anniversary can be viewed by clicking here or on the previous link.

Lodge St. Machar, No.54 (Aberdeen) is another Lodge with a fascinating history. An extended history of the Lodge has recently been discovered in the Grand Lodge of Scotland Library which is in three parts. The first part has been placed on the web site and can be viewed by clicking here or the previous link. Please note that only the first part of this Lodge's history has been uploaded so far.

Other items recently added is an article entitled 'Craftsmen in Capitivity' and tells the story of Allied POWs who were Freemasons. This is, of course, is closely associated with the extensive material on the Grand Lodge web site regarding Freemasonry and the Holocaust. Although Masonic POWs did not suffer to the same extent as civilian Freemasons (especially in the occupied countries) they were still part of the Nazi campaign against Freemasonry. Please note that, for technical reasons part 2 of this story has been uploaded first. We hope to upload Part 1 in the near future. To read part 2 click here.

There is a huge amount of material available on this web site, divided into categories such as: Lodge Histories, Press Reports, Famous Freemasons etc. To go to the 'Masonic Subjects' page click here or on the previous link. 

(We hope that this news update is helpful in informing you as to the latest additions to this web site - Ed.)