Image Sean Connery's book 'On Being A Scot' makes considerable use of The Rosslyn Hoax? in his examination of Scots, their character and the country which he clearly loves but remains divorced from.

"It then began to puzzle me why there was nothing mentioned about the Templars or Freemasonry in my own well thumbed Rosslyn guidebook as Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code began to break bestseller records other books appeared to encumber Rosslyn with yet stranger myths. Soon there were even books on The Da Vinci Code attempting to decode undecodable. It all seemed to have started with The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail in 1982. Despite the unsuccessful outcome of the court case, brought by two of its authors, accusing Dan Brown of plagiarism, it was clearly their book that had set Brown's novel on its way, and the subsequent stampede of tourists to Rosslyn's door.

Then along came The Rosslyn Hoax? written by Robert Cooper, the Curator of the Museum and Library of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the home of Scottish Freemasonry. This scholarly investigation seems to be the most level-headed and thoroughly researched historical analysis so far. Not only does Cooper scatter the myths and legends of Rosslyn to the winds, he has also finally put to rest all those claims made for Rosslyn on behalf of Freemasonry and the Knights Templar."

The above is one of the extracts from Sean Connery's book which referes to The Rosslyn Hoax? and Scottish Freemasonry which is quite a compliment.

Please note that the Grand Lodge of Scotland has a few copies of the paperback edition of The Rosslyn Hoax? available and which can be ordered from its secure online shop.

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