As some visitors may have noticed Grand Lodge is adding Lodge histories to the web site. To see what is available click here or on other links.

The most recently added Lodge history is that of Lodge Major Ness, No.948 (Burnbank, Hamilton) in the Province of Lanarkshire Middle Ward.

Lodges histories often contain fascinating details not generally known. For example in the history of Lodge Major Ness we find that in 1919 Kai Hax Nordeciskjolo Baldor Christursen, Chief Inspector of Engineering Work, Yoker, was Initiated in that Lodge. With that name, location occupation there is surely a story waiting to be told!

During the course preparing these Lodge histories for the Grand Lodge web site it has become noticable that many are not up to date. If your Lodge has a history which is out of date, of does not have one at all, perhaps you would like to consider updating or writing your Lodge's history?

The written history of Scottish Freemasonry is not restricted solely to Lodge histories but also to the history of Provincial and District Grand Lodges. If the printed history of your Provinical or District Grand Lodge is out of date or is yet to be written the Brethren in those Provinces and Districts might wish to undertake that work sooner rather than later?

Adding Lodge histories is a long term project and will take some time to complete so please bear with us as we slowly but surely add these histories to the web site.

Please do consider donating a copy of your Lodge's history to the Grand Lodge Library.