A report on the International Conference on the History of Freemasonry (ICHF).

Statement of Purpose:

By holding a biennial conference, open to the public, the main purpose of the ICHF is:

  • To promote Freemasonry as a subject for academic study
  • To present and debate relevant contributions in this area of research
  • To create a forum for interaction between researchers, experts and a wider audience
  • To encrouage individuals to take an interest and participate in an active exchange of knowledge in the subject.

The conference was held in Freemasons Hall, Edinburgh, 29 May -31 May 2009 and was as successful as the first and previous conference in 2007. The number of delegates in attendance on this occasion was slightly down on the 2007 conference but that was to be expected given the present state of the world economy and the outbreak of swine flu which reached epidemic proportions in the weeks immediately prior to the conference.

More to follow (including pictures)...