Like The Da Vinci Code the next novel by Dan Brown, due to be released on 15th September 2009, seems certain to use Freemasonry as part of the plot.

The Da Vinci Code was, according to the author, a blend of fact and fiction. This gave the novel the appearance of being based on accurate historical facts and therefore 'historical' legitimacy. Some of The Da Vinci Code was set in Scotland, and in particular Rosslyn Chapel, and commented on Freemasonry and therefore, Scottish Freemasonry. Rosslyn Chapel has been deliberately connected to Freemasonry by a number of authors, almost all of whom were not Freemasons and of those who were none were Scottish Freemasons and this may well have been where Brown found 'facts' for his novel.

Image The Lost Symbol has been a long time arriving. Apparently the book: Cracking the Freemasons Code published in 2006 foretold much of the plot of Dan Brown's  novel which was to be called Solomon's Key or The Key of Solomon. This meant that he had to return to the drawing board and the plot rewritten. That re-write has taken almost three years. However, the point here is that, as with The Da Vinci Code, Brown did not seek the advice of Freemasons and certainly did not aproach the Grand Lodge of Scotland for information.

There is no doubt that The Lost Symbol will be another mega seller and is already guarenteed to immediately become number one in the best selling list. What leads to that suggestion? The answer is twofold. One, we know that 10 million (10,000,000) copies have already been printed and are ready for distribution and; 2) YOU! The Freemasons of the world will almost certainly rush to buy the book in order to find out what a best selling author has to say about us!

Image Perhaps another question ought to be: how do we know that The Lost Symbol will feature Freemasonry? The main clue is the cover of the book. The image above shows the book as it is to be released in the USA. The central image is the US Capitol building. The foundation stone of this building was laid in a Masonic ceremony by Brother George Washington, dressed in Masonic regalia. The red wax seal (center) seems to feature a double headed eagle - a symbol used by the Scottish Rite. The background is scattered with what, to the uninitiated, might be taken to be Masonic symbols or Masons' Marks. Closer inspection suggests that they are someones's idea of what they think Masons' Marks look like.

However, when we examine the cover of the book as it is to be released in the UK we can see confirmation that Freemasonry will probably feature heavily in the novel. The most commonly known Masonic symbol, the Square and Compasses, are prominently placed on the key above the title and Capitol building.

It is disappointing to learn that Dan Brown did not consult with any Masonic experts on George Washington and his Masonic activities. For example a national memorial to George Washington was erected by American Freemasons. The memorial is the centre of study into Washington and his Masonic career. You might like to visit their web site by clicking here or on previous links.

(The Lost Symbol is due to be released on 15th September in the USA. We are not yet sure of the UK release date. We hear on the grapevine that at least 5 million (some estimates say 10 million) copies have already be printed, so clearly the publishers are expecting a massive success. On that basis the novel will almost certainly go straight to the number one best seller on non-fiction book list as soon as it is published - Ed.)

More to follow...