A story not heard in Rock 'n Roll before: progressive and symphonic rock music inspired by Freemasonry.

Great music, fascinating lyrics and impressive artwork are full of references to the symbolism of this mystical philosophical tradition.

Experiencing Freestone's album 'The Temple of Humanity' is like undergoing a musical ritual and brings forth associations with legendary artists such as Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Marillion, but clearly in a 21st century performance which justifies comparison to present-day rock bands.


We see it in books, in movies, in documentaries and even on the 1$-bill. We see references in Classical Music, but now there is rock music inspired by the rich tradition of Freemasonry.

With the album 'The Temple of Humanity' by the band Freestone, Freemasonry is entering Popular Culture for the first time. The album provides a discovery through symbols and rituals of the tradition of Freemasonry.

No conspiracy theories or unnecessary secrecy, but a genuine story based upon personal experience. The album is composed and produced by someone who is initiated, both in Freemasonry as well as in music. In co-operation with experienced musicians, 'The Temple of Humanity' is a professional produced authentic and unique album.

The packaging and booklet contain fascinating art and artists from different countries (of whom a few are masons themselves) have contributed their work. Freestone makes pop and rockmusic based upon different themes that can be commonly found in rockmusic. Music and artwork are contemporary and the album shows that in the pop community and in the changing music industry, there is still place for something different.

Discover the mystery and listen to The Temple of Humanity.

There are 13 tracks, which are entitled:.

  • Turning the Key
  • Brotherhood of Men
  • Children of the Widow
  • Out of the Dark
  • The Ancient of Days.
  • Masonry Dissected
  • Documentum Intelligence
  • Seven Step Staircase
  • Walking through this Sacred Space
  • The Temple of Humanity
  • Pathway on my own
  • Racing to the West

From: top40-charts.com

(We have now yet heard the music and can confirm that it is excellent. The music is described as 'alternative' This I assume means that it does not fit neatly into any other category. However, if you like rock style music with a bit of sax (which I really liked), with blues overtones you'll enjoy this.

Not a Masonic Symbol

The use of Masonic symbols in the artwork has worked particularly well. However, it must be remembered that Masonic symbolism is not the same throughtout the world so some of the symbolism on display here does not apply in Scotland. Free Stone have used the 'Eye in the Pyramid' as depicted on the $1 bill. This is not intended to perpetuate the myth that the dollar bill is in some way connected with Freemasonry - it is not. Free Stone use this symbol to highlight the fact that it is used to underpin various conspiracy theories for which there is no basis. For an article on this subject please click here or on previous links.

If you are into The CD is not cheap (£16.00) from Amazon.co.uk but that is probably partly because it is an import. If it takes off in the states I am sure that the price will, in time, drop in the UK - Ed.)