The First Announcement or Call for Papers has been announced for the International Conference on the History of Freemasonry (ICHF) to be held in May 2011, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. This is an truly exciting development as, for the first time ICHF will be held outside the UK.

ICHF provides an international forum for all those studying, researching, teaching or learning any aspect of Freemasonry. The First Announcement seeks proposals for papers on all aspects of Freemasonry. Proposals should consist of approximately 300 words on the proposed paper. The identity of the person submitting the proposal is confidential and is unknown to those deciding which proposals are accepted.

Many people who attend ICHF 2011 do so merely to listen (and more often these days, watch!) the latest research into various aspects of Freemasonry. The First Announcement therefore includes not only details of how to submit proposals for papers but also some information of what ICHF 'is about' and to download a copy of the First Announcement please click here or previous links. Please note that this is a PDF file of some size (about 1mb).

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