Many Freemasons will know that countless members of the armed forces who were Freemasons have served their country, some making the ultimate sacrifice. The Grand Lodge of Scotland Image Year Book has published several articles on this subject including Freemasons who were POW's and others on Freemasons who won the Victoria Cross. There are a number of articles regarding Freemasonry and War on other pages of this web site. To access these click here or on the previous link.

Lady Haig's Poppy Factory can now take orders for Masonic Poppy Wreaths for use at Remembrance Day ceremonies (also known a Poppy Day). If any Freemason or Masonic Lodge wishes to obtain a wreath it can be supplied with a Masonic 'logo' (which the factory has on file). The factory recommends wreath type W2 or W7 as being best suited to the Masonic 'logo.' Ordering wreaths early is recommended.

Poppy wreaths can be paid for by Standing Order which will allow wreaths to be received automatically each year avoiding repeat ordering. To do this you need only call the Lady Haig's Poppy Factory, Office Manager, Miss Jackie Connolly on 0131 550 1573 or contact the factory to set up a Standing Order by using the Contact Us page of the factory's web site. To go there click here or on previous link.

Lodges might be interested to know that groups are welcome to visit the factory. For more details please see the Lady Haig's Poppy Factory web site.