The George Washington Masonic Lodge survived the burning of Chambersburg during the Civil War, but now it's having trouble surviving the test of time.

The roof of Masonic Lodge 143 on North Second Street is literally caving in.

The building was constructed in 1816, but the Masons say it was saved when several Confederate soldiers stood guard around it while their comrades burned the town.

The organization says they could relocate to another property, but that option is not on the table at this point.

"We'd have no say in what happens to the building, and that is why we are reluctant to leave it," said Larry Miller, with Masonic Lodge 143. "We want to protect what is precious to us."

The lodge needs to raise about $1 million to make necessary fixes. Members are asking for private donations to help out.

If you're interesting in touring the building or donating to their project, call Jay Wentling at (717) 414-2968 or e-mail him at:

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To go to the web site where this report originated click here. There is also an interesting web video giving some history of the Lodge.