As you can see the Grand Lodge web site has been 'refreshed' after four years. The easy to navigate structure has been retained whilst at the same time the software have been upgraded to the latest version.

Inevitably there will be a number of matters that constitute 'work in progress' such as updating the new version of the web site to include the last additions made to old version before this one came online.

Another is the matter of the online shop. It is intended that the Grand Lodge online shop will be incorporated into this new website but that will take another few weeks to achieve.

There are also a number of links that are 'broken' and these will be systematically repaired as soon as possible.

Please do therefore bear with us until these issues are addressed. Meantime if you happen to notice any mis-spellings, broken links or other problems please do not hesitate to email us the details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.