The symposium followed the tried and tested pattern of a presentation followed by questions and answers. A wonderful lunch was provided by the organisers as well as tea and coffee at breaks during the morning and afternoon. The speakers and their presentations were:


Robert L D Cooper: Sir Walter Scott and Freemasonry

Although most people are aware that Robert Burns was an active Freemason not many know that his contemporary Sir Walter Scott, was also a Freemason. This presentation asks how the influence of Freemasonry on any individual's work can be assessed and analyses the work of Scott in an attempt to reveal that influence in his numerous novels. A Power Point presentation.


Ian Robertson: The Blue Blanket

The story of the Blue Blanket is part of Scottish histoty and mythology. Part fact and part folklore & legend Ian Robertson unravels the complex history and draws out the connections with Scottish Freemasonry particularly with The Lodge of Journeymen Masons, No. 8 (founded in 1707 and which continues to meet in Edinburgh). A Power Point presentation.


Andrew Prescott: Curling and Golf - parallels with Freemasonry

Curling and Golf are quintessentially Scottish sports for which Scotland is internationally known. The parallels with Scottish Freemasonry are almost unknown even to most Masonic historians. Andrew Prescott investiagtes this little known dimension of the social history of Scotland.


Trevor Stewart: Sir Robert Moray - some new insights

Sir Robert Moray was the first Speculative Mason (that is someone who was not a stonemason) to be initiated into a Lodge on English soil. Moray's initiation took place in May 1641 in Newcastle upon Tyne whilst members of the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel), No. 1 were serving in the army that had beseiged the city. Trevor Stewart has discovered new information and suggests additional reasons for Moray's intinition.


Ably chaired by Brother Bill Howie the day was most enjoyable and a firm foundation was laid for future symposiums.

Below are some of the people who were in attendance.

More to follow...