The latest news from the Grand Lodge

Freemasons' Hall will again be a venue for the Festival Fringe this summer.

The organisers of the Great Scottish Walk have ask for our assistance

Sometimes we keep our light under a bushel but not this time

The number of aspect that there are to Freemasonry is truly enormous and so we have started to add articles

The organ in the Grand Hall in Freemasons' Hall is almost 100 years old

The International Conference on the History of Freemasonry becomes truly International

Please note that the University of Sheffield is no longer offering this course but the information below is left here for refernce and historical purposes.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland receives a large number of ancestral enquires

Freemasons' Hall is open to the public but is designed for meetings of Grand Lodge

Restricted access during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Freemasons in the Pitlochry area might like to take note of a special meeting

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