The latest news from the Grand Lodge

Lodge donates to a local medical charity

Details of the contents of the 2007 Year Book

Dawn Oliff, Homes and Charities Manager, walks in aid of Breast Cancer Charities

100 Freemasons celebrate a Freemasons' 100th birthday

Another internet scam which implicates Freemasonry is in circulation.

A major International Conference (ICHF) was held 25th - 27th May 2007 in Freemasons' Hall, Edinburgh.

The bestselling book The Rosslyn Hoax? is to become a paperback

Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward

Latest news from NYOS regarding the Staffa award ceremony in Freemasons' Hall

There will be some restrictions on visiting Freemasons' Hall in the summer

The Grand Lodge of Scotland receives lots of requests for information

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