2019 – Prostate Scotland Charity Pins

Prostate Scotland is pleased to provide lodges with a pin badge collection box filled with branded pin badges. The box has been designed with a special sticker displaying The Grand Lodge of Scotland logo.

Badges and boxes can be ordered online at https://www.prostatescotland.org.uk/support-prostate-scotland/register-for-pin-badge-collection-box and will be dispatched by post. The suggested donation per badge is £1 which is shown on the box stickers. A minimum of 50 badges can be ordered, and one box can fit up to 150 badges. The boxes are provided flatpacked for easy delivery and assembly.

Instructions for assembling the box and paying the donations to Prostate Scotland will be provided with the box. Donations of £1 per badge can be made upfront if Lodges wish to do so, with cheques to be made payable to ‘Prostate Scotland.’

Sticker at front of box with Grand Lodge of Scotland Logo.



Prostate Scotland,
14 Torphichen Place
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 8DU
Tel: 0131 603 8660 Email: info@prostatescotland.org.uk

Patron: Sir Tom Farmer CVO CBE KCSG DL Trustees: Robert Wilson (Chairman), Alan McLaren, Prof. Alan
McNeill, Alison McNeill, Dr Anna Gregor CBE, Graeme Conn, James Thomson OBE, Julia Miller, Mary Hallam
Prostate Scotland Limited is a Registered Scottish Charity No.SC037494 and Company limited by guarantee
registered in Scotland No SC306268. Registered Office: Princes Exchange, 1 Earl Grey St, Edinburgh EH3 9EE


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