As someone pointed out yesterday, thereby somewhat, pre-empting this post, the entry for Gunner J. E. D. Graham, Lodge Ailsa, No.1172, is incorrectly annotated ‘E.C.’ (English Constitution) whereas it is a Scottish Lodge. That Lodge was granted a Charter by the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1918.

The Lodge’s Founder Member’s Jewel (see image) shows Ailsa Craig superimposed on Singapore which is also an island. Ailsa Craig is a small uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. It is also know as the ‘Granite Island’ and granite has been quarried there for almost 200 years. The quarried granite is used exclusively for curling stones.

This strongly suggests that the founder members of Lodge Aisla had some sort of connection with Aisla Craig although exactly what that connection was is unclear.

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