We are getting closer to achieving our Million Pound target every day for Prostrate Scotland.

To help us further achieve this target, Bro. John Muir is now able to provide a Grand Lodge of Scotland, Prostate Scotland, Limited Edition, 45mm diameter, Individually Numbered, Boxed Coin. Priced at £20.00 plus 1st class recorded delivery postage.

To purchase one of these unique coins please contact Bro. John at – repy@grandlodgescotland.org

In response to feedback from Members, and in order to provide a greater understanding of mental health issues, the Grand Master Mason advised at the Grand Lodge Communication yesterday that a small pamphlet has been produced with the aim of breaking down barriers and signposting sources of help and support for those who need it.

A supply of the pamphlets will be circulated to Secretaries of Home daughter Lodges and Provincial Grand Secretaries shortly so that all Members in Scotland can have a copy. Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce a similar publication for Members of overseas daughter Lodges and Districts, however, as mentioned in Grand Almoner’s Letter of Appeal, we would encourage similar initiatives by Districts, Superintendencies and daughter Lodges under the Direct Supervision of Grand Lodge to develop a pamphlet which includes material which is relevant to them and if general guidance in this regard is required please contact Dawn Oliff, Homes and Charities Manager.

As part of the same Initiative, the Benevolence and Care Committee organized a Mental Health and Wellbeing presentation on Zoom to raise awareness of this very important issue, in which a number of Members with varied experience and expertise in the field participated. To view the video Click Here

The event will be held at the National Shooting Centre, Wester Jawcraig, Falkirk on Saturday 16th of October 2021 and will involve brethren from England , Ireland , Wales and Scotland competing for the Championship Trophy over a 100 target layout.  The top four scores from each nation will determine the result of the competition.

Entries are invited from brethren and their guests who share the passions for our craft and clay shooting and there will be plenty opportunity for fellowship outdoors. 

Further information is on our website www.gloscsa.co.uk/events

In response to feedback from Members, and in order to provide a greater understanding of mental health issues, a Mental Health and Wellbeing Zoom Event was organised with the aim of breaking down barriers and signposting sources of help and support for those who need it.   With the agreement of all participants, the Event was recorded and is available to view via this link

Click Here

Bro. M Speirs has recognised the fact that many Lodges no longer have an organist and, as we all know how much music can add to the solemnity and dignity of a ceremony, he has produced a package suitable for all Lodges. For any lodge lacking an organist he can supply for a fee, all your degree music (hymns, entrance, exit, collection) playable on laptop, tablet, smartphone or CD player in mp3 or CD format. All orders are bespoke and individually recorded to your specific requirements.

Click Here for website: Moray Masonic Music

A special token has been commissioned (please see pictures)  in aid of Prostate Scotland, the Grand Lodge nominated Charity –  enough tokens have now been sold to cover expenses, and every further token sold means a £6.00 donation to Prostate Scotland. 1st Class postage is £1.50.  If you would like to purchase a token please contact John Muir at john.muir1779@gmail.com  Thank you for your support, it is appreciated.

We are delighted to announce that our Grand Master Mason, W Ramsay McGhee, has been awarded the Poppy Scotland President’s Award 2020 for services to this very worthwhile cause. 

We know that Poppy Scotland is one (of many) charitable causes that the GMM supports tirelessly and is very well deserved.



As I mentioned in last week’s Update, we have received many requests as to how financial support can be sent to the Lebanon in the wake of the explosion. At long last we have been able to get the banking issues both here and in Lebanon sorted out. Grand Secretary sent out information this week but just to widen the scope let me repeat the information – Individuals, Lodges, Districts or Provinces who would wish to contribute to the Lebanon Appeal can now do so by Bank Transfer to the following account – The Bank of Scotland (The Mound, Edinburgh), Grand Lodge of Scotland Support Account : Account number – 10119866, Sort Code – 80-31-20 – the reference word LEBANON should be included for ease of identification and an email sent to glfinance@grandlodgescotland.org informing Grand Lodge that money has been sent. All monies paid into this account will be sent safely to a new “fresh money” account jointly operated by the three Grand Lodges in Lebanon – the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, Washington DC and the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF). A letter signed by the three Grand Masters will also be sent to all Regular Grand Lodges worldwide seeking their support. 

Last week I circulated detailed information from Brother Gordon Michie of Poppy Scotland regarding the procedure for Poppy crosses. This week Brother Michie had hoped to send additional information regarding Remembrance Parades but is still awaiting confirmation from the Scottish Government as to what will and will not happen. As soon as that information is to hand, I will ensure that it is circulated to all Lodges at home, but it would certainly appear that any form of large gathering will not be allowed

I mentioned some weeks back that the dates for all Lodges having rededication ceremonies and all Districts and Provinces having Installation Ceremonies for new District or Provincial Grand Masters had been rescheduled into 2021. I did intend to circulate the new dates but with the total uncertainty that we are currently experiencing thanks to Covid-19, I have decided to hold back as it looks like at least some of the re-scheduled dates will need to be re-scheduled once more. Once things settle down and there is a reasonable possibility of being able to conduct the ceremonies, I will issue a fresh schedule at the earliest opportunity to allow local planning to take place. But I can assure you all that a Grand Lodge Deputation will be there with you as soon as it is lawful and practical to do so.

Due to the impending cessation of the Furlough Scheme, Grand Lodge staff will be returning to the office on Monday 5th October. From Monday the switchboard will be open during normal business hours. Could I also ask that if any Lodge has a query regarding the database to address the query to Lyndsey on the email address – Rashell@grandlodgescotland.org

Latest news from the Scottish Constitution Freemasonry Supports Facebook page is as follows –


 Last WeekThis Week
No of Members Posting199200
Lodges Mentioned231233
Provinces mentioned3030
Districts & Lodges Abroad1515
Monetary Value£324,864£332,594

SCFS Overseas Report

  • We welcomed 20 Overseas Brethren this week. This means that the amazing milestone of an Overseas Membership of 1,000 has now been passed, with Overseas Membership now standing at 1019.
  • Many congratulations is extended to our 1000th. Overseas Member who is Brother Johann Swanepoel, Past Master, Lodge Oranje, No. 1603, Orange Free State and Country Lodges, Central South Africa. 
  • The geographical spread of new members this week saw Brethren joining from … Barbados, Central South Africa, Eastern Province of the Cape of Good Hope, Gibraltar, Lebanon, Newfoundland and Labrador, Sierra Leone and The Gambia, Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada   
  • The largest increase in membership was from the District of Central South Africa.
  • Lodge Argyll, No. 1548, Roodepoort, The Reef, Central South Africa, had the largest number of Brethren joining from an individual Lodge.
  • A new category of Membership has been introduced … that of International Constitution Member (ICM). Membership is by invitation and is aimed at Brethren from other Constitutions which are in amity with the Grand Lodge of Scotland. This development will result in the examples of the excellent support being shared on the SCFS page reaching a much wider audience. 
  • We welcome Brother Paul Sefton, Past Master, Elwy Lodge, No. 4721, Province of North Wales, UGLE, as our first International Constitution Member.

As the Covid-19 situation worsens here in Scotland and in some but not all of our Districts, please stay safe, look after yourself and be constantly mindful of our Brethren and the families of our Brethren who are struggling physically, financially or mentally – let’s all be there for them.

Ramsay McGhee

Grand Master Mason

Brethren                                                                                                                                                18.09.2020

On Saturday we enjoyed a unique experience when the majority of District and Provincial Grand Masters got together via zoom to meet up with each other and discuss a variety of topics. The feedback from the meeting has been good and it will become an annual feature of the Grand Lodge Calendar. A date is now being arranged to have a joint meeting between District Grand Masters and Proxy District Grand Masters.

Some of those who have put their names forward for the Register of Interests will soon receive an invitation to join several small Working Groups. We do not have many Brethren on the Register of Interests, but I would encourage you to do so if you feel that your skills and experience could benefit Scottish Freemasonry. Please contact Grand Secretary if you wish to be included.

I have received detailed information from Gordon Michie of Poppy Scotland about the Poppy Crosses which we will circulate next week but the good news is that we will have the Poppy Crosses this year – distribution will be a bit different from normal – they won’t go out to Lodges in boxes – there will be an on-line facility made available, details of which I’ll pass on as soon as it has been set up. The other good news is that we will be planting crosses in Princes Street.

For those Provinces and Districts who are due to put forward recommendations for new Provincial and District Grand Masters, the protocol for Proxy Voting in lieu of physical meetings, has been finalised and will be circulated to all Districts and Provinces who will be affected, by Grand Secretary.

Latest news from the Scottish Constitution Freemasonry Supports Facebook page is as follows –


 Last weekThis week
No of Members posting194196
Lodges mentioned224225
Provinces mentioned3030
Districts & Lodges abroad1414
Monetary Value£309,963£310,568

SCFS Overseas Report

  • The 900 Overseas Membership milestone has now been reached. We welcomed 49 Overseas Brethren this week, bringing our Overseas Membership of the SCFS Group to 938.
  • Congratulations is extended to Brother Mike Herbert, PM, Lodge East Rand Scots, No. 1093, in RSA, Central South Africa, on being our 900th Overseas Member.
  • It is heartening to note that, once again, we had an expansive geographical spread of new members this week …  from The Bahamas, Barbados, Central South Africa, East Africa, Eastern Province of the Cape of Good Hope, Far East, India, Jamaica, Lebanon, Malawi, Middle East, Newfoundland and Labrador, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia
  • The largest increase in membership was from the District of Central South Africa, followed by the District of Middle East and the District of the Eastern Province of the Cape of Good Hope. 
  • Lodge Piet Retief, No. 1501, Central South Africa, had the largest number of Brethren joining from an individual Lodge. 
  • An interesting route to membership was adopted by Brother Archie Dempster, Lodge Margate, No. 1420, Kwa-Zulu Natal, who made a video call to ensure that he had correctly provided the requested Masonic details. Welcome, Brother Dempster.
  • We would strongly encourage posts from our Overseas Lodges and Districts … sharing the support which they are providing. 

I am aware that over the past couple of weeks, there has been a tendency to express concern and nervousness about the future in general, Freemasonry in particular. I fully accept and acknowledge that times are hard for many Lodges and that things will not get much better in the foreseeable future. However, this is a time, especially for Provincial and District Grand Masters, to take the initiative and lead from the front. Over the past six months we have all witnessed many great examples of inventive and novel ways to try and keep things on an even keel financially and socially both at home and abroad. We have a number of Lodges who, for example, have simply asked the Brethren to sign up to a monthly standing order to put a sum of money equivalent to what they would have spent at the Lodge on a normal Lodge night into the Lodge account – things like collection / raffle / drinks – if the Brethren sign up to such a scheme with even £10 per member per month, it could make a significant difference to the Lodge finances and keep the Brethren in touch. Many Lodges are engaging their members and families in on-line quiz nights and they contribute a sum of money for entry to the quiz. Others have adopted programmes to keep members fit by indulging in exercise each day and in many cases getting that exercise sponsored with the sponsor money going into the Lodge coffers or to charity. Where Covid restrictions have allowed, Brethren have organised outdoor afternoon teas or coffee mornings all of which are designed to raise sufficient funds to cover the essential costs and at the same time keep members involved. Can I actively encourage Provincial and District Grand Masters with their Commissions to take the initiative and organise events to not only build up funds that can help the Lodges but initiatives that are going to keep the members in touch and active. Such programmes are only limited by imagination – in these difficult times, we must be as imaginative, innovative, and creative as we possibly can. Let’s all adopt a positive and upbeat outlook. We will, working together, overcome the present difficulties.

Contacting Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge telephone switchboard will open on a part time basis from next week – the proposed days/hours will be: –

                                Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10am and 2.30pm

Ramsay McGhee

Grand Master Mason