Applications for permanent admission, convalescence or respite care can be made in a number of ways

  • Via a lodge with which there is a connection (contact Freemasons’ Hall if you require the lodge contact details). Usually, someone from the lodge can assist with completion of the forms
  • By approaching the preferred Home directly
  • By contacting the Benevolence and Care Department at Freemasons’ Hall
  • Via a placement by the Local Authority who will provide all the necessary documentation.

Accommodation at our Homes

Prospective Residents are invited to visit the Home in order to meet the Staff and see the facilities which are on offer, we are happy to extend an invitation to stay for lunch to those who visit.

The first six weeks is considered as a settling in period, to allow a medical and care needs assessment to be carried out, at the conclusion of which, if all involved are happy that the care and facilities provided within the Home meet individual care needs, permanent residence will be provided.


The cost of residence in the Masonic Homes is reviewed annually. The Masonic Care Services are operated on a non-profit making basis, as part of the charitable work of The Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The cost of residence is subject to individual circumstances and room choice. Full details in this regard are available from the Masonic Homes or Freemasons’ Hall.