Grand Lodge Fund-raising

The Grand Lodge of Scotland does not appeal to the general public for funds, its charitable activities are wholly supported by members of the organisation.

Please take a moment to read the following information about a way to raise funds for The Grand Lodge of Scotland Benevolent fund at no cost to yourself.

Please support this scheme which enables much needed monies to be raised for the Benevolent funds at no cost either to you or to The Grand Lodge of Scotland. Please take the time to visit the website to find out more. You can also contact the Benevolence and Care Department at Freemasons’ Hall and staff will be happy to assist with any query you may have.

The scheme operates by the registration of organisations and individuals with the service and when they shop online with a participating retailer a donation is made to their nominated recipient. So many of us now shop online that it is an excellent way of raising funds just by doing something which we would anyway. The Grand Lodge of Scotland has a unique identification number which means that we can receive money from the scheme.

The more people who register and nominate The Grand Lodge of Scotland as their benefactor, the more funds we can raise simply by making online purchases in the normal way but using the links from the above site first.

To go directly to the unique web address for The Grand Lodge of Scotland follow the links to register

The website is easy to use and gives a step by step guide. Retailers give different percentage donations – for example The Grand Lodge of Scotland has received the sum of £35.00 which was donated by direct line when a member of staff renewed their car insurance.

Many thanks in anticipation of your support