Coronavirus – Update from the Grand Master Mason – 28 March 2020



I have been made aware that a number of Lodges and Masonic Clubs in Midlothian, Ayrshire and Renfrewshire East (there may be others I am unaware of) have already submitted application forms for the Coronavirus Business Support Fund. Those who qualify can claim a one off £10,000 grant which would make a significant difference in the present climate to Lodge finances.

The Scheme is administered through your local authority and claims should be submitted to your local authority.

It is relatively simple to find the relevant information either through the Scottish Government website or through your local authority website or of you type in – COVID-19 business grant scheme – you should be able to follow through from there.

The form appears quite daunting, but it should not present too many problems, but you will need to have information regarding your Rates Reference No.

There is obviously no guarantee that everyone will be successful, but I believe that it is well worth at least considering, especially premises with club facilities where you have had to cancel functions etc.

Where Lodges employ, for example, Bar Staff, you should also be looking seriously at the funding available to have 80% of the staff wages paid by the Government. Information on how to apply is also contained in the Government websites such as –

I hope and trust that the foregoing will be helpful to you. If you need assistance, the vast majority of local authority websites have help facilities where you should be able to get any assistance required.

I hope and trust that this finds you and your families in good health.

Please take care of each other and stay safe.

Ramsay McGhee

Grand Master Mason

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