Coronavirus – Update from the Grand Master Mason – 3 July 2020 (2)


Further to today’s update, I have received a number of queries about opening up of Masonic Clubs.

The fact is that it is still unclear as to what measures will be required within pubs or clubs. What we do know is that from 15 July, indoor areas of pubs and restaurants will be permitted (subject to physical distancing rules and public health advice). These moves depend on safety measures being put in place, and hospitality businesses (not sure if this will include pubs and clubs) will have to retain contact details for customers for four weeks.

We know that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the Government intends that pubs and restaurants will open indoors from 15 July – but on a limited basis initially and subject to a number of conditions and that detailed guidance will be issued as soon as possible.

And that is the issue – we still have not received official Government detailed guidelines as to what the conditions will be. It is further confused by the fact that the Scottish Government appear to be taking a more cautious approach than England so there could be significant differences.

Yesterday, the First Minister indicated that social distancing measures will be reduced for the hospitality industry on the understanding that additional practices are introduced by businesses from 15 July when industry can fully reopen. Again, we do not have the specific details, but my understanding is that outdoor areas will need to maintain 2m social distancing for the present.

As soon as detailed guidelines become available, I will have them circulated but general guidance can be found at –

Kindest regards

Ramsay McGhee

Grand Master Mason

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