The Grand Lodge of Scotland / Poppy Scotland 2018

Day 10 of The Grand Lodge of Scotland / Poppyscotland joint venture to commemorate the end of the Great War in 1918 took us to Millport in the Province of Argyll and Isles.

Sunday 9 September

Day 10 – 09.15am

Ferry from Largs to the Cumbrae slip, fortunately the weather stayed relatively dry.

Day 10 – 10.00am

Welcomed by Bro. Frank Mapes PPGM of Argyll and the Isles.


Brethren assemble at the War memorial


Thanks to Lodge Kelburne No.459 for providing hospitality before and after the ceremony


PPGM Bro. Frank Mapes and the WSS


The customary group photograph, although the first time we’ve had a baby and a dog included.

Thanks to the PGL of Argyll and the Isles and Lodge Kelburne No. 459 in particular for their assistance and hospitality.

Poppy Scotland 2018

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