The Grand Lodge of Scotland / Poppyscotland 2018

The Grand Lodge of Scotland / Poppyscotland joint venture to commemorate the end of the Great War in 1918 continued with days 5 and 6 bringing us to the north of the country, visiting Dingwall in Ross and Cromarty, Kirkwall in Orkney on the Saturday followed by Wick in Caithness and finally Golspie in Sutherland on the Sunday. The Widows Sons Scotland continued to provide the common link with all Provinces by riding their motorcycles and providing a very visible presence.

Saturday 18 August

Day 5 – 9am

Travelled north to Dingwall on the Friday and met 3 Brethren from Shetland (Steve


PGM Robert Cattanach with the WSS

Henry, Alan Balfour and John Callaghan).

Rendezvoused at Lodge Fingal No.318 where the early morning bacon rolls and tea were greatly appreciated. We were greeted by PGM Bro. Robert Cattanach and his Brethren. RWM Bro. Colin Mackintosh Lodge Fingal No.318 presented a cheque to Poppyscotland.

Then off to the Sir Hector MacDonald Memorial overlooking Dingwall to lay the Provincial wreath on behalf of the Province.

Thanks to the PGL of Ross and Cromarty and Lodge Fingal No.318 for providing  refreshments on the day.

Day 5 – 9.45am

Left for the journey to Scrabster and board the ferry to Stromness. The captain  indicated that we would experience ‘pitch and roll’ and therefore would travel east entering Stromess from Scapa Flow.

On the ferry

Bro. Doug Treasurer kindly organised a visit to the bridge of the Hamnavoe and many questions were asked of the Captain. Thanks to Northlink Ferries.


Arrived in Stromness at 4 p.m over an hour latedue to sea conditions to be met by PGM Bro. Colin Corse.

Early start on refreshments at Lodge Kirkwall Kilwinning No. 38

Day 5 – 5.30pm

Departed for St Olaf’s cemetery on the outskirts of Kirkwall where the Province and Daughter Lodges laid wreaths. On arrival at the cemetery it was raining, however, as we made our way to the War Memorial the rain ceased, some sunshine broke out and our ceremony had a dry moment. The wind however continued apace.

Returned to the Lodge who provided an excellent meal for all and a time for relaxation and good company.

Thank you to the PGL of Orkney and Zetland and Lodge Kirkwall Kilwinning No.38

Sunday 19 August

Day 6 – 7.45am

PGM Bro. Corse kindly provided a lift back to Stromness to catch the return ferry to Scrabster.

Today the sea was much calmer.

Day 6 – 10.30 am

Arrived in Scrabster disembarked and made our way to Wick, Lodge St.Fergus No.466 to be met by PGM Bro. William McLeod and his Brethren.

The cooperation of the PGL of Caithness and Lodge St. Fergus No.466 was greatly appreciated with today’s arrangements.

The hospitality of the Lodge was greatly appreciated prior to departing to the local  cemetery on the edge of town where many War Graves lay.

Day 6 – 13.45pm

Arrived in Golspie, Lodge St.Andrew No.1318 to be met by IPPGM Bro. Donald Morrison and his Brethren.

The hospitality at Lodge St. Andrew was no different to kindness that we have received throughout this tour to date and much appreciated.

The Brethren and the WSS assembled outside the Lodge and were piped to the adjacent local cemetery were the IPPGM and Masters of the Daughter Lodges laid their wreaths.

The Sutherland Branch of the Royal Naval Association were present and made a donation to Poppyscotland.

Thanks are due to the PGL of Sutherland for assisting with today’s arrangements and Lodge St.Andrew No.1318 for their hospitality.

Day 6 was now at an end and the WSS and myself departed for home.

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