The Grand Lodge of Scotland / Poppyscotland 2018

Day 7 of The Grand Lodge of Scotland / Poppyscotland joint venture to commemorate the end of the Great War in 1918 visited Hamilton and Paisley. Unfortunately, the weather was against and the Widows Sons Scotland had to endure a very wet drive to reach both locations. However, the visible presence of the motorcycles was appreciated at both venues..

Sunday 26 August

Day 7 – 1pm

Arrived in a very wet Hamilton to be met by PGM Bro. William Perry.

To minimise being drenched the ceremony commenced without delay.


Brethren assemble


PGM Bro. William Perry lays the first wreath









Brethren from the Province of Lanarkshire Middle Ward












Thank you to the PGL of Lanarkshire Middle Ward and the Daughter Lodges for assisting in organising this afternoon’s event and especially for turning up in numbers on a wet Sunday afternoon.




Day 7 – 2pm


PGM Bro. Neil Fraser

A drive in the rain along the M74/M8 motorway, we arrived at Mexwellton Road in Paisley – home to 5 Lodges (129, 370,1116, 1218, 1219).

Day 7 – 3pm

PGM Bro. Neil Fraser welcomed the assembled company. After a short briefing we departed for the Cenotaph in Paisley town centre.

The rain had now ceased and the ceremony was conducted by Bro. Rev Robert Craig Past Senior Grand Chaplain.


Bugler, Bro. Neil Terras SPGW



Bro. Michael Dailly, PG Piper











Brethren from the Province of Renfrewshire East


Commissioned Office Bearers and WSS Special welcome to Bro. Greg Winter from Northern Ireland

After the ceremony we returned to Maxwellton Road where the Paisley Lodges had very kindly laid on soup and a roll – very welcome on a damp day!

We said our goodbyes and Day 7 drew to a close.

Thanks to the PGL of Renfrewshire East and the Daughter Lodges for their support at this afternoon’s ceremony

Special thanks to the Paisley Lodges (129, 370, 1116, 1218, 1219) for their hospitality.

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