In response to feedback from Members, and in order to provide a greater understanding of mental health issues, the Grand Master Mason advised at the Grand Lodge Communication yesterday that a small pamphlet has been produced with the aim of breaking down barriers and signposting sources of help and support for those who need it.

A supply of the pamphlets will be circulated to Secretaries of Home daughter Lodges and Provincial Grand Secretaries shortly so that all Members in Scotland can have a copy. Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce a similar publication for Members of overseas daughter Lodges and Districts, however, as mentioned in Grand Almoner’s Letter of Appeal, we would encourage similar initiatives by Districts, Superintendencies and daughter Lodges under the Direct Supervision of Grand Lodge to develop a pamphlet which includes material which is relevant to them and if general guidance in this regard is required please contact Dawn Oliff, Homes and Charities Manager.

As part of the same Initiative, the Benevolence and Care Committee organized a Mental Health and Wellbeing presentation on Zoom to raise awareness of this very important issue, in which a number of Members with varied experience and expertise in the field participated. To view the video Click Here

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  1. Hamish MacGregor
    Hamish MacGregor says:

    I am ex military .. am have P.T.S.D. I do find it effects my masonic life to a great extent . I contacted my Grand Lodge of Scotland for assistance .. I have explained my situation and awaiting a response
    Hamish MacGregor PM


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