There was a strong Masonic presence as Past Grand Master, Brother Dr Joseph Morrow, in his role
as the Lord Lyon, assisted in the presentation of the Scottish Crown Jewels to King Charles III in St
Giles Cathedral yesterday.
The King received the crown, sceptre and sword of state that comprise the Honours of Scotland, or
Crown Jewels, at the national service of thanksgiving and dedication to mark his coronation.
The Grand Master Mason, Brother William Ramsay McGhee, was in the congregation representing
all Scottish Constitution Freemasons.
Past Grandmaster, Marcus Humphrey of Dinnet, who was there with his wife Sabrina, had an
important role to play during the ceremony.
Substitute Grand Master, Brother Alexander Moncrieff, was in attendance as a member of the Royal
Company of Archers, a ceremonial unit which serves as the Sovereign’s bodyguard in Scotland.
The ceremony was the highlight of ‘Royal Week’ in Scotland.
The Grand Master Mason was among the first guests to be seated in the Cathedral.
While they waited for the King and Queen to enter, they were entertained by a variety of
distinguished musicians and singers, including an organ recital, the Choir of St Giles, the Youth Choir
of Scotland, Nicola Benedetti, and Robert Lovie.
After the musical interlude the first procession made its entrance. This consisted of uniformed, civic
and chivalric organisations and included representatives of the Scottish Parliament, schools,
colleges, universities, the Service Chiefs, the Order of St John and the Order of the Thistle.
The second procession centred around the Honours of Scotland. Former Olympic Gold Medallist
rower, Dame Catherine Grainger, escorted by Marcus Humphrey of Dinnet, carried the new
Elizabeth Sword.
The Sceptre was carried by Lady Dorrian, the Lord Justice Clerk, and the Crown was brought in by the
Duke of Hamilton and Brandon.
Next came the Royal Procession. They were led by the clergy, who represented all faiths in Scotland,
the Rothesay Herald, the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, Brother Dr Joseph Morrow the Lord Lyon,
who was closely followed by the King and Queen.
During the Service, Brother Morrow accompanied each of the Honours of Scotland as they were
presented to the King.
He then spoke to the congregation about the significance of the Stone of Destiny before the national
anthem was played.
As the Royal party, dignitaries and guests dispersed, the Red Arrows flew overhead and the Military
Parade set off for the final time.
Afterwards the Grand Master Mason said, “It was a truly magnificent day from start to finish.
Everything went like clockwork. One of the highlights for me was the musical performances in St