Scottish Freemasonry in the World Today

Scottish Freemasonry continues to perpetuate the world’s oldest masonic heritage both at home, through its provinces, and overseas, through its districts. By the late 1500s, there were at least 13 established lodges across Scotland, from Edinburgh to Perth. On August 5th, 1747, the first Charter to an overseas Lodge was issued to “Union Lodge from Drummond Kilwinning from Greenock”, No. 59, situated at Aleppo, Syria.

Today, Scottish Freemasonry is spread across the world promoting a unique masonic journey uniting men from across various cultures and national divides, under its banner. The Grand Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons of Scotland continues to promote ‘Freemasonry in the 21st century’ with its 2030-vision, adopting an effective approach to modernisation whilst maintaining its historic traditions and culture.